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Miroslav Jonas

I'm Miroslav Jonas, a software developer based in Vienna, Austria. I was born and raised in Serbia where I lived in two beautiful towns - Kovačica and Novi Sad. Currently I work at 5G Systems, creating the betting solutions of the future.

I occasionally write. You can find some of my thoughts on technology in the blog section. I also organize Angular Vienna and Vienna JS meetups and try to help and grow the Angular community in Austria via Angular Austria Association. When I learn something cool, I like to share it live on stage. You can see the list of my past and upcoming talks in the talks section.

My parent bought me my first computer when I was still a kid. Lack of access to quality games forced me to be creative with my computer - whether it's development, computer graphics or composing music. Some of those creative experiments will see the light of the internet on this website soon. You can check my gear here.

I like to travel and discover new countries, cultures and cuisines. While there I take candid street photos of everyday life.