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Responsive Angular Components

November 04, 2020AngularResponsive designMedia queries

Ever since mobile devices became capable of accessing the web and showing web pages, it became obvious that not all web pages are usable on a small screen. Today most websites implement responsive design, but often at a cost of extra DOM. This post will show you how to solve that last step in Angular.

Today I learned - ReturnType<T>

September 04, 2020TypeScript

In TypeScript we often need to deal with third-party and/or native functions and based on the implementation their return types might differ. Luckily, TypeScript has a trick up the sleeve how to resolve them.

Parsing ISO 8601 duration

July 10, 2020ISO 8601DurationRegex

One of the lesser-known parts of the ISO 8601 standard is the duration specification. In this post we will learn how to parse it and construct a simple Angular pipe for template automation.

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